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Seniors Association of St. Margaret's Bay:
A 'to be formed' hub in St. Margaret's Bay

Who are you and what hub are you with?
Seniors Association of St. Margaret's Bay. A to be formed hub in St. Margaret's Bay.

How would you describe your hub?  Would you say that it's intentional or accidental?

How old is your hub?
Not formed yet.

What stage of development would you say you're in? Where along the hub 'spectrum' would you put yourself?
Very early. Working on engaging partners and establishing a steering committee or working group.

What services are offered at your hub? What are some of the reasons people come in?
We plan to provide office support to the active not-for-profit groups in the area. Provide meeting and program space for drop-ins. Enterprise Centre, Touism Info... Etc.

How do people get to your hub?
Drive or BayRides Community Transportation Service.

What is your governance structure?  Do you have a board of directors?
Still forming but planning on a board.

If you have staff, how many and what are their roles?
No staff at this time. But planning for a coordinator.

Who are your key partners?  What roles do they play?
Still establishing...

How are you funded / supported? What are your income streams? (ie.  grants, membership, federal gov’t, provincial gov’t, municipality, social enterprise)
Partners, local lottery (weekly 50/50), project based funding as needed and to be determined.

Do you have a volunteer program?  If so, what works and what doesn’t?  How does it run?
Seniors have a robust volunteer program. Working on improving our volunteer management system. We have found making specific skill-based or specific task request to be very effective. Posting to our membership and community media.

In context of your community, are you a functional or geographic hub?
I'd say more geographic.

Are you a resource for other community projects?

Story Questions
What is the story of your hub?  How did your hub come about? What is its history?
Need identified amongst non-profits in the area. Desire to increase collaboration,  reduce duplication and improve services and opportunities in our community.

What’s working well?
Still early...

What are your challenges?
Getting everyone on the same page and breaking down silos and barriers between some organizations.

If you could go back to the beginning of your hub (or your role), is there anything you would do differently?  Why?
Still there. But funding to support the coordination of start up would be helpful.

What do you think is the most special or unique thing about your hub?
Hmmm... Not sure yet.

What has been most valuable for your community about having a hub?  
Not yet determined... Though anticipate increase awareness of programs and services.

Who uses your hub? Who benefits?
Not for profits and the community at large.

What do you imagine your hub will be like in 5 years? 10 years?
To be the place to go to find out what you need and want in St. Margaret's Bay.

What motivates your volunteers?
Giving back. Feeling like they are making a real contribution.

Is there space for informal socializing or for more formal programming, or both?
Hope to provide this.

Future Needs
Do you think it would be valuable for the the neighbourhood hubs convening project to continue in some way?  If so, how often would you like to meet?
Yes, even quarterly networking/sharing meetings would be good.

Considering the challenges faced by your hub, what - if any - skill building/learning opportunities do you think could be helpful?
Sharing of success stories, practical tips and tools, funding and social enterprise

Is there anything else you’d like to say here?
This has been a great project to be involved with.

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