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Hubs of Halifax

Old School Community Gathering Place

Redevelopment of the Old School came about because the 'school' (which up to about 2008 continued to house kids from Primary to Grade 2) was closing, and in 2006 during a community visioning process, it was identified as an asset that the community wanted to preserve and protect as one of very few heritage buildings in the area, and re-develop to accomplish some other goals in the community vision.

Chebucto Connections

Started nearly 40 years ago as a Multi-Service system to better meet the needs of residents by coordinating services. Gradually evolved to take a community development approach to more actively engage residents and for the Capt. Spry Community Centre to serve as a meeting place and service centre. Evolved further to become a strategically placed HUB focused on improving access to services and putting more emphasis on community development.

Fairview Family Centre

For skill development, advocacy and referrals

Musquodoboit Valley Family Resource Centre/Hub

We operate our Hub with an open door policy, offering drop in's and services on a regular weekly schedule, to accommodate our residents needs.

Seniors Association of St. Margaret's Bay

We plan to provide office support to the active not-for-profit groups in the area. Provide meeting and program space for drop-ins. Enterprise Centre, Touism Info... Etc.

Dartmouth Family Centre & Dartmouth North Community Food Centre

Dartmouth Family Centre is an established community hub providing a wide range of supports and services to meet the diverse needs and interests of families and the community of North Dartmouth. Dartmouth North Community Food Centre is a project of Dartmouth Family Centre, and a community hub that officially opened its doors August 2015. Dartmouth North Community Food Centre currently provides a wide range of supports and services that meet the needs and interests of the community of Dartmouth North with a focus on food security.

Mainland North: Enquiry Stage

We realize that there is no community space for individuals or groups to sit and engage. We lost the HRM space...Northcliffe, where groups met and created community.Currently, the library is attempting to create that void but space is a premium and there is no permanency for agencies/clients to meet in a closed space or even host a little meeting without very advanced planning. So understanding this void, we started looking far, no luck.

Fairview Community Association HUB

The Fairview Community Association formed aprox. 7 years ago, but has struggled to become relevant in the community. Recently, a strong board of directors has formed and with the support of the United Way has begun to become more active and relevant in the community. We expect to locate a facility to call our own in the coming months and are working on the development of several projects the public have been asking for for years.

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